arterial capillary

arterial capillary

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  • arterial capillary — a type of minute vessel lacking a continuous muscular coat, intermediate in structure and location between an arteriole and a capillary; called also precapillary, precapillary arteriole, and metarteriole …   Medical dictionary

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  • capillary — /kap euh ler ee/, adj., n., pl. capillaries. adj. 1. pertaining to or occurring in or as if in a tube of fine bore. 2. resembling a strand of hair; hairlike. 3. Physics. a. pertaining to capillarity. b. of or pertaining to the apparent attraction …   Universalium

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  • capillary — Synonyms and related words: aorta, arterial, arteriole, artery, blood vessel, bristlelike, carotid, cirrose, cirrous, fibered, fibroid, fibrous, flagelliform, flossy, funicular, gossamery, hairlike, hairy, jugular vein, ligamental, portal vein,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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  • precapillary — Preceding a capillary; an arteriole or venule. * * * pre·cap·il·lary kap ə .ler ē, Brit usu kə pil ə rē adj being on the arterial side of and immediately adjacent to a capillary precapillary n, pl lar·ies METARTERIOLE * * * pre·cap·il·lary (pre… …   Medical dictionary

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